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Escape The Eurozone and Travel To Turkey

Holiday makers searching for winter sun holiday destinations outside of the eurozone should travel to Turkey. Sitting on two continents – Europe and Asia, Turkey has a culture that reflects both East and West. So with its historic religious monuments, great shopping centres and some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, pack your suitcase and head to Turkey.

Day 1 – Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Get a feel for Istanbul by shopping for souvenirs in the world’s largest covered market. With more than 58 streets, the market welcomes between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily. The Grand Bazaar is well known for its 6,000 jewellery, pottery, spice and carpet shops so you’re bound to pick up a bargain! For something a bit different head uptown to browse for cut-price fashion goods and clothing in the boutiques along Istiklal Avenue located in the historic Beyo?lu district or visit fashionable up market Nisantasi which is one of Turkey’s most expensive shopping districts.

Day 2 – Princes’ Islands

For a day of exploring, take a ferry from the Eminönü dock in Istanbul to the Princes’ Islands, a popular destination for day trippers. The islands, known by the locals as ‘Adalar’, used to be a popular summer retreat for wealthy Istanbulians. Just a short ferry ride away from Istanbul, the chain of nine islands are incredibly peaceful compared to the chaotic city of Istanbul as there is no traffic, the only form of transportation on the islands is by horse and cart.

Day 3 – Lycian Way

For a glimpse of some breathtaking views, take a trek along the Lycian Way coastal route. The route stretches for 500km between the cities of Fethiye and Antalya, where you’ll see some of Turkey’s most spectacular sceneries. Remember to pack some comfortable walking shoes!

Day 4 – Patara Beach

For a lazy day on the beach head to Patara, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean and part of a national park. The white sand stretches a vast 14.2 kms long making it the longest beach in the Mediterranean.

Day 5 – Rafting

Thrill seekers can experience an exhilarating adventure white-water rafting on one of Turkey’s various rivers – the Dalaman River, the Köprülü River, the Zamanti River or the Coruh River which is rated by professionals as one of the top rafting descents in the world!

Day 6 – Turkish Bath

After a busy day of rafting, relax in a steamy Turkish bath known as a hammam. In Istanbul, the most popular historic baths are the Galatasaray Hammam in Beyo?lu and Ca?alo?lu Hammam in Sultanahmet, though local baths are often just as effective in soothing your aching muscles!

Day 7 – Whirling Dervishes

To experience a taste of Turkish culture catch a performance by the renowned Whirling Dervishes, who are members of the religious Mevlevi Order who perform the famous whirling dance. A perfect way to end your holiday in Turkey!

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