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The Magic of Orlando: Fun for all the Family

Orlando, originally named Jernigan, is most popular with tourists who want to take their sprogs to Walk Disney World. If you want a family holiday that will ignite the imagination of both you and your kids, then it is a great place to jet off to. Whether you want your kids to bask in the magic of Walt Disney World, make a splash at Sea World Orlando or check out Universal Orlando Resort, if you want to keep your kids entertained and healthy then Orlando is perfect. While the kids get their taste of adventure, you can soak up the rays and let your hair down a little safe in the knowledge that the city is a huge playground for both of you.

For the kids there are a handful of waterparks, whether it’s Aquatica, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Wild ‘n Wet Orlando, letting your little ones make a splash while you lounge in the sun on the side-lines, or even catch a few waves at Fantasy Surf. And of course, to capture the imagination, there’s always Universal Orlando Resort, whether you want to go deeper into the world of Harry Potter or sneak behind the scenes of the movies you know and love. As a working production studio, whether you want to have the ride of your life or see a real movie set, this resort is there to both entertain and education your kids. Monkey Joes an indoor inflatable playground for kids that boasts slides, obstacle courses and more importantly fun. Letting your kids exercise and play, this is the perfect place to stop off and put smiles on their faces: but remember to bring socks! If your children are old enough to play unsupervised you can even relax in the sanctuary they’ve set aside specially for parents. For slightly older children there’s also Fun Spot, with its go carts and Ferris Wheel and even massage chairs for the parents, this is the perfect way to kill an afternoon for parents and kids alike.

If theme parks aren’t for you or your kids, then there is plenty of things to do that don’t involve either water or Disney. For the parents, there’s the opportunity to chill out at one of the infamous spas; The Ritz Carlton Spa at Grande Lakes even lets you bring the little sprogs along with you, meaning you can treat yourself and your little ones. Leu Gardens lets you relax with nature, and admire Orlando’s sunshine if you want a more peaceful day out. If you and your kids are fearless and curious then get your teeth into Gatorland, or even marvel at The Central Florida Zoo. If you want a unique experience to take home with you then why not time warp into Old Town with its Elvis impersonators and vintage car shows, you could even unwind with an afternoon drink.

Orlando is a magical place not just because of Disney and Universal studios, but because of its jam packed with unusual attractions to give both you and your kids magical holiday snaps and unforgettable holiday memories.

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