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North Woodstock - A Quaint Mountain Retreat

The small village of North Woodstock is located within the town of Woodstock. This small and peaceful destination is located at the mountains of the state of New Hampshire. The small and quaint village is in fact a very favorable tourist destination, because of its remarkable natural beauty.

The village is surrounded by lush forests and majestic mountain tops. The White Mountains National forest is located quite near this beautiful destination. And so are many other attractions such as state parks, mountain resorts and many other interesting places which you can visit. The area surrounding the village is packed with numerous hiking trails, camping grounds and picnic sites, the outdoorsmen will have a lot to do and see at this interesting mountain retreat. North Woodstock is a very quaint and old fashioned destination. This village is a tourist destination for those who wish to spend a tranquil and remote vacation. This is a place which is off the beaten track, a place where you will escape from the bustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy a refreshingly peaceful holiday. And since the village is situated amid so many interesting natural attractions, you will never be bored during your vacation there as well.

When you are at the village North Woodstock, you will find that its main street is the most interesting spot there. At the main street of this village, there are numerous fine restaurants, old fashioned shops and other places which you can visit. The Pemigewasset River passes through the village’s center and it provides many scenic vistas. At the village you will find traditional American-style diners, many restaurants which offer European and even Asian food as well as many other eateries. And when it comes to shopping, the offerings of this small village are quite a lot for its size. There are many remarkable souvenirs which you can purchase from the diverse and quaint shops of this destination.

North Woodstock is a calm and peaceful place, but its surrounding area is packed with many adventurous offerings. One of the most interesting places is Loon Mountain, which is famous for its ski resort. This mountain top is not far from the village and it is an excellent base for all sorts of winter sports and activities. There you can enjoy downhill skiing at many diverse tracks. There is also a terrain park within the resort, where you can enjoy freestyle skiing and snowboarding. There are also trails for cross country skiing and many other offerings at this resort. This is a very popular resort and it is in fact one of the most visited winter destinations within the state of New Hampshire. The resort is also famous for hosting the local Highland Games.

Summer recreation at Loon Mountain is also a possibility. This resort boasts a large number of visitors throughout the summer as well. There are many recreational opportunities for the visitors of the mountain when the weather is warm. In fact at the village of North Woodstock you will find plenty of things to do during the summer. The offerings of this beautiful mountain retreat are numerous. There are many hiking trails at the White Mountains National Forest which is nearby. Even the famous Appalachian Trails passes near this town. There are also many recreational offerings at the local Franconia Notch State Park. There are scenic vistas at the park, wildlife observing opportunities and many other offerings. You will even be able to enjoy fishing and water activities at the nearby rivers and lakes. The outdoors at this destination is impressive and filled with excitement.

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