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Top 5 Tiny Exotic Holiday Destinations Of The World

Size isn’t everything when it comes to choosing a holiday destination. After all, it’s the smallest countries of the world that offer the most exotic travel experiences to globetrotters. Some of these striking havens are rarely visited, slices of paradise that pack a big punch despite their island parameters.

Here are the top five smallest holiday destinations for weary travellers

1. Malta

A delightful island along the Mediterranean coastline, Malta boasts an extraordinary array of sun-soaked activities for its tiny size. Bordered by beautiful beaches that encircle the nation’s exciting cultural sightseeing opportunities, this beautiful holiday destination is one of the best locations in Europe if you’re looking to unwind in uninhabited spots while touring the country’s various year-round festivities and megalithic ruins.

2. Monaco

Italy’s Monaco caters to the urban side of holidaymakers looking for a posh retreat to rest their feet. Established in 1297, Monaco is breathtaking coastal strip that runs for just 1.95 square kilometres. The burial ground of actress Grace Kelly and home to the rich, the dress code for this beautiful escape is smart casual if you don’t want to stand out.

3. Grenada

More exotically known as the Spice Isle, Grenada is a picturesque oval landmass that features spectacular views of majestic volcanic cliffs and luscious rainforests. Just 344 square kilometres in size, this Caribbean holiday destination is home to the most impressive natural vistas known to man. Swim in eerily tranquil waters, explore hiking trails that lead to the Concord Falls, or just bask in the surrounding beauty – Grenada has something for everyone.

4. San Marino

San Marino’s high altitude has blessed it with the best views Italy has to offer. A land of clouds and fortresses, this great holiday destination shows off every angle of the snow-capped Apennines. A visit here is not complete without stopping by the historic structures that litter the town, as well as the infamous torture museum, which makes for a fascinating tour not to be missed.

5. Liechtenstein

Last but not least, Austria’s Liechtenstein has much to offer the open-minded traveller. Filled with eye-catching green landscapes that have captured the hearts and souls of cyclists from around the world, this 160 square kilometre stretch is complimented by its popular Rhine Valley, its many enchanting hamlets, and its famous Eschnerberg mountain.

The smaller holiday destinations of the globe, all of the above countries and towns are perfect locations that can easily be conquered by travelers wanting to see everything. Known for their beauty, culture, and impressive accommodations, these places are little treasures that have everything a person could want from a getaway. Spoil yourself with a trip to one of the above scenes and be amazed by the beauty encapsulated in such tiny spaces.

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