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A Trip To Prague

There are some truly remarkable sights to be seen in and around Prague; the buildings and surroundings can really give an insight into the history, culture and development of the city. Acting as the capital city in the Czech Republic, Prague is well-known for its beautiful architecture and it takes only moments of observation to realise that this city looks much like it did hundreds of years ago.

One of the most visited sites in Prague is ‘Prague Castle’. With three courtyards and standing at over 7 hectares, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world! One of the most notable things about the castle is the variety in styles of architecture; different rulers over the years have been responsible for the extensions and ‘facelifts’ around the structure, incorporating characteristics and styles of their time into the design. Often on postcards bought in Prague, there are picturesque images of the castle and its remarkable architecture, but the spectacular view of the city from the top of the castle is often overlooked, and should be experienced by any traveller fortunate enough to be visiting the area. This is one of the sites you certainly won’t want to miss when visiting this majestic city.

There is a very charming little street in Prague by the name of ‘Golden Lane’; the stretch of houses here resembles a scene from a magical children’s tale. Each house is seemingly glued into the high-rise walls at the back of Prague Castle; the name Golden Lane comes from the goldsmiths who once worked on the street alongside a variety of other tradesmen penulis artikel.

Charles Bridge is arguably Prague’s most famous monument. Dating back to the 1400s Charles Bridge has a rich history, full of interesting tales and rumours (many believe that egg yolks were used in the mortar to strengthen the bridge when it was built!). Using Charles Bridge to cross the Vltava River is a thrilling experience, and the view of the city is remarkable.

Prague has a plentiful selection of bars, markets, shops, restaurants and galleries; the local people are fantastic and approachable, and the rich culture and historic architecture creates an atmosphere that is enchanting and captivating. Be sure to take a camera with plenty of space for extra photos, you won’t want to miss a thing in this wonderful city.

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