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How To Keep Young Children Entertained On Flights

In the excitement of booking a half term break for the family, it’s easy to forget about the practicalities – just how exactly will your toddler or young child behave on the plane?

Planes are not natural environments for young children as they are expected to sit still for long periods of time, which means becoming restless, bored and agitated can happen very easily. Especially when you take into account how much standing around there is before and after the flight, with check-in and security checks and lots of queuing, traveling with toddlers can quickly turn into a nightmare.

However, before you hit the cancel button on your half term holiday to warmer climates, take comfort in the knowledge that there are steps you can take to entertain your child onboard the plane and ensure they stay calm throughout the duration of the journey.

Prepare In Advance

By investing some time and thought in planning the flight before the day itself, you should be able to overcome most of the likely causes of bad behavior in your young children while travelling. This includes being realistic about waiting times, the length of the journey itself and your usual strategies for entertaining your little ones.

You know your children better than anyone else, so ponder how you can turn the day into one filled with fun rather than one that is fraught. For example, try to be creative and set them a challenge for the occasion – such as how many dog-shaped clouds they can spot from the window of the plane, to draw the view from the waiting room before you fly, or even whether they can behave like an adult on the plane with a reward when you land if they’re successful (this one’s particularly good as it basically means no kicking the seats, climbing over people or screaming, but may not work so well with really young kids).

Take Certain Items With You

Take a bunch of goodies with you to entertain your kids on the journey. This may include their favorite magazines, playing cards, story books, drawing books, stickers, and snacks. Also, a pillow for your child to sit or sleep on is useful and can help to calm them during the flight. And why not use your mobile phone to your advantage? You could download children-friendly apps and games to entertain them onboard – these have the added benefit of being easy to access and available when needed most Seonesia. Plus you can add numerous games without adding any bulk to your luggage. All you need to do is ensure your mobile is switched onto Airplane mode for the flight itself.

By making the luggage fun too, this can pay dividends. For example, buying a Trunki suitcase for your little one or something similar is a good idea as this type of case is designed to keep kids happy during what is normally a boring time. They can ride on the suitcase, play with their favorite toys that are inside the case and generally be distracted while you stand in line at the airports.

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